New Apple Campus In Seattle Will Bring 2,000 Jobs by 2024

There will be more Apple employees roaming Seattle just blocks away from Amazon’s headquarters in the near future.

AI Is Helping More Companies Find The Right Candidate

AI does not replace the human element of human resources, just enhances it.

Reforestation: 4 Reasons Startups Should Care

The planet badly needs more trees. Also, consumers love companies that push for issues they care about.

The idea Canadians need oil and gas to make a living overlooks the data

Our economy is more dynamic than that, but we need to fix some serious structural flaws

Amazon Spending $700 Million to Retrain 100,000 Employees

And They're Free to Quit Thereafter

In what is one of the biggest corporate retraining initiatives ever announced, Amazon said that they will invest $7,000 per worker to retrain 100,000 employees (a third of its workforce) by 2025 to be reskilled and capable of doing higher tech jobs or entering more technical careers.

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Kellogg Plans Job Cuts 

Amid North America Reorganization

Kellogg Co. is cutting jobs from its North American operation as it prepares to slim down the business by selling Keebler cookies and a range of other brands. Around 150 salaried employees who work in the North American business will be let go, a spokeswoman said.

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Delta workers seeking to unionize

Say they are 'under siege' by management

A Guardian investigation has revealed workers at Delta have reported threats, intimidation and a barrage of anti-union sentiments from management as workers seek to form a union with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM).

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Target Expands Childcare and Paid Family Leave Benefits as Retailers Battle for Talent

America's top retailers are trying to outmatch each other with new employee benefits to attract workers as unemployment hovers near its lowest level in decades. Employee turnover is disruptive for retailers, which are locked in a tight battle to squeeze out sales in stores and online.

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Younger Workers Put Student Loan Aid Near Top of Desired Benefits

Help with loan repayment is valued more than 401(k) contributions

Millennial workers and their younger colleagues just entering the workforce are more likely than older workers to choose—and stay with—employers that offer them financial security in an uncertain world.

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Is the Job Dead?

Freelancing is now a global phenomenon

If we want businesses to stay ahead of the curve, we need to start treating our non-permanent workforce with more respect

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Low Unemployment Is A Prime Opportunity To Selectively Job Search

A terrific opportunity for job seekers

A selective job search should be viewed through an extremely narrow lens. This type of search isn’t equivalent to posting your resume online and applying to every role you see. Rather, a selective job search is done within extremely defined parameters. These parameters will determine whether an opportunity is worth your pursuit or time.

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Think Beyond Technology To Create A More Effective Remote Workforce

Remote Work Can Bring Benefits, but Attitudes Are Divided

Globally, many organizations allow employees to work remotely in some form. Yet for every step forward, we hear stories of someone who was laid off due to a scheduled move or is debating quitting due to a “no remote” policy.

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Making A Recession Work For You

Startups and small business are best placed to make the most out a recession

Startups and small business are best placed to make the most out a recession, as it throws open opportunities that are not available in an economy dominated by business behemoths.

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8 Most In-Demand Skills for 2019

According to LinkedIn

The digital era is fully established and booming. So it’s not surprising that digital skills are the most in-demand. If you’re thinking about getting a new job this year or going back to school to learn something new, be informed.

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Companies re-designing traditional job roles

Skills are now being combined to create more multi-dimensional profiles

As organisations are rapidly adopting technology to streamline processes and make them more efficient, traditional job roles are undergoing massive transformation

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Sexual harassment lawsuits filed against McDonald's

Reveals a dark truth plaguing the industry

Activists argue that the reports of sexual harassment at the chain and in the industry more broadly indicates that the company needs to take action.

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Cybersecurity jobs

These skills are most in demand and have the best pay.

Demand for tech staff who specialise in cybersecurity is increasing rapidly, with a 15 percent increase in job ads for workers with this skill set between 2017 and 2018. 

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Forced out of work and pushing 60

What’s next for older workers?

The author of “55, Underemployed, and Faking Normal” talks about age discrimination and what to do if you’re not able to work until 65.

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How To Job Hunt Without A College Degree

Look For Jobs That Don't Require A Bachelor's

There may be a specific reason an employer wants a hire to have a certain degree. If you understand what they really want when they make that stipulation, you may be able to show that your skills speak for themselves.

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How to Describe Weaknesses in a Job Interview

Remember these five C's.

These "can do, will do and fit" criteria translate to "ability, attitude and affability." No matter the format and sequence of a job interview, every question is an opportunity to communicate fit on one of these axes. Each response you give should address one or more of these key themes.

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How to beat beat out robots for a job

As artificial intelligence floods the market and robots become more sophisticated, people are entering the next phase of workplace identity.

Our goals as workers have changed over the centuries as technology has evolved and us with it. First, people wanted to be “Renaissance men,” able to adapt to any skill set they needed. Then, we became “specialists,” answering all the questions people had about our assigned craft. And in the 21st century, as artificial intelligence floods the market and robotics become more sophisticated, people are entering the next phase of our workplace identity. Now, we are “hybrids.”

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It's about so much more than academic skills

For graduates from our higher-education institutions, the time has inevitably come to focus on entering the world of work. But getting suitable employment is not always easy and straightforward.

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Getting To Grips With The Future Of Work

The future of work has been one of the most interesting topics of recent years

The report finds that the nature of employment is changing throughout the world, both due to the increasing importance of human capital and the availability of diverse forms of work. There is a general shift towards valuing cognitive skills around the world, with new technologies underpinning this move towards a largely skills-intensive workforce.

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Virtual reality could “revolutionize” interest in skilled trades

Indigenous consulting firm unveils technology to deliver interactive work experiences

A northwestern Ontario recruiting firm is entering the virtual reality realm to help steer more Indigenous people into the industrial workforce.

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How Employees Experience Being Fired

And What You Can Learn From It

The general perception of people who are fired is that they were screw-ups who weren’t doing their job (or made huge, unjustifiable mistakes) and that’s why they were let go. And though that may be true in some circumstances, as I’ve moved on in my career I’ve heard story after story of folks going through similar experiences to mine – being fired with little-to-no warning, no feedback, and no help or support from their bosses to improve what was lacking.

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What not to share in a job interview

Some tips...

Most interviewers would really, truly prefer not to discuss your profoundly life-changing experience. It’s not that they wouldn’t be happy for you. But your disclosing, even voluntarily, your medical history or any information related to an identity that might be protected under federal, state or local anti-discrimination laws puts them in an awkward position.

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Does anybody still need to come in to the office?

Home is where the work is

With increasing numbers of staff choosing to work from home, and contracting a popular choice for many workers, balancing staff numbers with appropriately sized office space is a dilemma for the businesses paying the bills.

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Work experience is broken

...and this is how we can fix it

We all remember our first work experience placement. But do we all remember our first work experience placement being meaningful? Did work experience give you genuine insight into what working in that organisation would actually be like? Did it enable you to make an impact on the business whilst you were there? Did it inspire you?

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More workers are tired on the job

And it's bad for business

New research suggests that 76 per cent of people are regularly tired while working. Nearly one-third or 31 per cent of respondents said they were "very often" tired on the job, 45 per cent said "somewhat often" and 23 per cent said it "rarely" occurred that they were tired on the job.

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10 Recruiting Tips You Ought to Know

What will these top-tier recruiters be emphasizing on next year?

These are a selection of take-away tips offered by some of the biggest recruiters including Google and Glassdoor.

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Employment scams on the web

And how to avoid them...

Make sure the contact information they provide resolves back to the employer whose job you’re interested in.  If you can independently find the company online, call the main telephone number listed and ask for the Human Resources department. If HR doesn’t recognize the person that’s recruiting you, then you will know there’s a problem. Even third-party recruiters have identities that you should be able to verify.

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When to schedule meetings, take breaks

And quit your job...

You know that sluggish feeling you get right after lunch? When all you want to do is take a nap? Turns out, that’s just your natural rhythm. That’s the premise behind best-selling author Daniel Pink’s new book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. He draws on research from psychology, biology, and economics to pinpoint the best times to do almost anything.

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Online gig economy is growing

But no one knows by how much

‘I'm really struck by how much we don't know’: More data needed on digital economy.

Opportunities for work in Canada's online gig economy are growing faster than in many other countries, according to the organization behind a new tool that sheds light on a part of the world's workforce that largely goes unmeasured.

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Canada's jobless rate at 40-year low

But the big picture is not so cheery

Canada’s unemployment rate fell back to four-decade lows, but sluggish wage increases and slumping exports offer little evidence the economy is running hot enough to warrant accelerated interest rate increases.

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4 Ways to Counter Anti-Science Rhetoric in the Workplace

Don't let anti-science sentiment infect your business.

With the recent release of the report from the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) saying that we as a planet have to step up and make drastic changes to our entire way of living or risk catastrophe, the time is now to deal with it.

That report should have you seething with anger that we as a people have let the world get into such a state and it should make you want to spring into action immediately. In an article published in the Harvard Business Review, author Andrew Winston, who specializes in helping corporations become more environmentally friendly, says the scale of the catastrophic effects of climate change will be determined by what businesses decide to do about it.

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Turning disability to diverse-ability is a win for business

Hiring differently abled workers is a catalyst for positive cultural change in the workplace

Companies that figure out how to help employees with disabilities thrive are six times as likely to innovate and to anticipate change. Your diverse-abled employees also tend to stay longer and have better attendance.

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Need a holiday side job?

Here’s where to look

Trying to cover holiday expenses, save a little extra or maybe just spend less time with the family? Enter: the seasonal side gig. Retailers are expected to hire as many as 650,000 workers to meet holiday demand this November and December, and wages are expected to top $15 per hour, a 32% increase over last year.

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Nervousness At Work

Here Are 7 Ways To Deal

If you're someone who is highly prone to stultifying bouts of nervousness, don't beat yourself up. First, doing so could make your anxiety worse. Second, you have a much more available scapegoat in human biology and evolution.
To put it very simply, nervousness and fight-or-flight reactions are physiological reactions to stimuli that our body wants us to watch out for.

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Job Seekers Frustrated by “Black Hole” of Online Applications

Employers Miss Out on Top Talent Due to Lack of Communication

While technology has made it easier than ever to find job openings, job seekers have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of direct communications during the application process.

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New Workplace Issue: Helping Your Human and Robot Employees Get Along

Think managing people is hard? Wait till humans and machines are co-workers.

Machine learning--whether it be robotic process automation, advanced data analytics, or A.I.--will undoubtedly reshape the workplace. The question of how many jobs will be lost and created is the subject of much speculation. According to the World Economic Forum's "The Future of Jobs 2018" report, by 2025 more than half of the total time spent on labor will be handled by machines.

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Stop Hiring For Skills

And Start Hiring For Results

A lot of business professionals are focused on the idea of hiring for skills. That sounds reasonable, but the idea is to know what you are getting into when you bring a new person into your company. The primary focus has to be on value; you need to be able to expect good results from your hires.

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7 bad habits 

That are holding you back at work

It really sucks to admit this, but a lot of the time, the only thing holding us back from the career success we really desire is ourselves.

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U.S. holiday seasonal workers to get 32% pay hike this year

What about Canada?

But finding extra help to handle the expected holiday shopping bonanza is getting harder and harder amid a hiring boom that’s sent the nation’s unemployment rate to a 48-year low of 3.7 per cent.

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54 % of Canadians feel 'vacation-deprived'

Take average of 2 mental health days per year

On average, Canadian workers receive 17 vacation days and take 15 of them – leaving two days on the table, according to a survey by Expedia.
“Vacation deprivation” is on the rise both globally (58 per cent) and at home, with more than half of Canadians feeling vacation-deprived (54 per cent).

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The top 3 lies that could cost you the job

Lying during the job hunt is never acceptable.

Top Resume asked 629 professionals to rank the seriousness of 14 categories of job hunt and resume lies, from work experience to technical capabilities. Those surveyed included HR professionals, recruiters and hiring managers.

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Automated Cars Could Kill 1 Million Jobs

Even police and emergency workers could be out of work thanks to automation.

More than one million jobs could be lost to the coming boom in automated vehicles with ripple effects beyond the likeliest victims, internal government documents warn.  A 2017 presentation predicted automation could kill some 500,000 transportation jobs — from truck drivers to subway operators to taxi drivers and even courier services _ as well as more than 600,000 additional jobs such as parking attendants, auto-body repair workers and even police and emergency personnel.

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Recreational Cannabis Legalization

Are your HR policies ready?

Did you know, medical cannabis has been legal in Canada since 1999? Since then there have been numerous amendments to the laws, as well as a significant increase in Canadians who have purchased medical cannabis. According to Health Canada – approximately 167,000 Canadians were recipients of medical cannabis during the last quarter of 2016/2017. The number of cannabis users will only continue to rise with the legalization of marijuana.

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Cushy office perks are a trap

We need to rethink how organizations are organized.

One study found that employees with unlimited vacation policies took fewer days off on average than their limited vacation counterparts. Another found that coworkers communicated less frequently face-to-face when they worked in an open-floor-plan configuration.

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New California Sexual Harassment Law

Requires Prevention Training For Supervisors And Non-Supervisors

California employers with at least five employees must provide sexual harassment prevention training and education to all supervisory employees and non-supervisory employees in California by January 1, 2020.

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Amazon finds high-wage religion

Now wants to convert everyone else

Amazon, the company associated with grueling work and low wages (all to make our wish fulfillment possible), is now paying all of its workers $15 an hour. It claims after paying benefits, full time employees were already earning $15 or more. The announcement mainly impacts part-time and contract workers. 

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All 700 employees at this startup work remotely

Here's why one of its top execs says it's given them a major edge on the competition

When InVision was founded in 2011, its CEO and founder, Clark Valberg, knew that he'd have to get creative to maintain a competitive edge. Google had recently increased its presence in Manhattan, making it all the more difficult to snag coveted East Coast tech talent.

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Employers expect marginally higher salary increases in 2019

Base pay projected to rise by 2.8 per cent

Although unemployment in Canada is hovering at a four-decade low, employees can expect slightly larger salary increases for 2019.

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12 Traits Bad Bosses Have In Common

It's often said that people quit bosses, not jobs.

A bad boss can make a good job miserable and a bad job unbearable. Beyond the negative impact on individual employees, ineffective managers can also cost companies tons of money in turnover and lost productivity.

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How to Avoid Getting Fired

When You’re Over 50

Many older workers face a greater risk of job loss. Their bosses might not perceive them as relevant or able to provide the kind of fresh, new thinking the company needs to thrive.

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So you’re looking for a new job...

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering A New Job

Here are five tips to help shape your thinking as you consider making career moves.

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The 25 Highest-Paying Jobs

You Can Get Without a Bachelor's Degree

Don’t have the time or money to get a bachelor’s degree? Don’t fret. There are plenty of high-paying jobs that require only a two-year associate degree, postsecondary non-degree certificate, or even just a high-school di

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With job openings at record highs, here's how to keep employees from quitting

The real reason employees quit

"I think having a manager that cares about you and is doing everything in their power to set you up to be successful is what everyone is looking for to some extent,"

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The unexpected advice this CEO gives all job-seekers

Job-seekers often consider the "future" in terms of answering the question...

But according to bestselling management author and CNBC contributor Suzy Welch, there's another crucial, future-focused element of planning a career today that many employees may be overlooking entirely.

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10 jobs that let you travel the world

Though they're not for everybody

Can you find a job that lets you travel the world or live for six months abroad. These are all possible but they are not for everybody.

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Canada’s Best Jobs 2018

The Top 100 Jobs

Looking for the jobs with the biggest salaries? Sort by current median salary. Looking for fields showing strong demand for talent? Sort by wage growth over the last five years—growing salaries often means qualified employees are in short supply.

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Help wanted, apply to the AI:

Why your next job interview could be with a machine

Your next job interview may feel a lot like an audition tape. On a screen, a manager pops up in a recorded video and asks a question like: "Why do you want a career in this field?"

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My Top Job Boards for 2018 lists the top job boards in the United States for all industries

From what I can determine, Indeed takes the cake for providing a large candidate pool and LinkedIn for providing a higher-skilled requirement type of candidate.

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Labour Day Quiz

‘How well do you know your rights in the workplace?’

To celebrate Labour Day, the Ontario Federation of Labour is inviting all Ontarians to take an online quiz to find out how much they know about what they are entitled to in the workplace. The quiz outlines a number of the gains made when employment and labour laws in the province were updated last year.

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Cannabis Jobs

How Can I Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry?

With medical marijuana now legal in well over half of the U.S. and recreational marijuana use allowed in nine states (and counting), cannabis companies are scrambling to fill a rush of new jobs in the industry—an estimated 340,000 of them nationwide by 2020.

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Forget Company Culture

Managers Should Focus On This

The term company culture is overused and misrepresented far too often. It is time to shift focus from why to how we work together.

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Ask the Headhunter:

How to convince your boss you deserve a raise

Nick Corcodilos started headhunting in Silicon Valley in 1979 and has answered over 30,000 questions from the Ask The Headhunter community.

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